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Mentos Me&You Mentos Me&You Mentos Me&You


  • Loyalty
  • Promotional
  • Co_Creative


Develop a UK specific loyalty solution for Mentos multipacks and single rolls that differentiates product and increases frequency of purchase.


Mediator developed an ongoing UK specific promotional proposition that gives the Mentos customer a chance to treat a friend and share something fun and exciting.

Focusing on the key associations around shared experience and breaking down barriers through sharing a Mentos. Mediator developed the ‘Me and You’ campaign.

The Me and You campaign adds ongoing value connected to purchase through offers and experiences that can be renewed and repeated, focusing on the key audience segment of 15-34 year olds.

Mediator’s Co_Creative developed the campaign creative, creating an eye catching and vibrant promotional on pack which would appear on single and multi-pack rolls. The on pack promotion directed customers to the dedicated web platform

The webplatform conveyed the aspects of the offers and the values of the Mentos brand in a colourful and engaging way.

When choosing the right offers to secure, Mediator identified that the Mentos target audience are the primary driver of ‘experience economy’ spending £419.5m monthly on live events, music and sports. Caring more about personal brand value and experiences than possessions.

Armed with this insight Mediator secured exciting experience and instantaneous reward offers across the leisure, entertainment and lifestyle sectors with brands such as EOne, British Military Fitness and Lucky Voice.


The end result was an eye catching on pack promotion, driving traffic to a dedicated online platform filled with exciting offers to share with a friend that can be redeemed with one promo code pack of Mentos.