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Partnership Pranks 2.0 – April Fool’s Day 2017

April Fool’s Day – the one time of the year that consumers have a chance to see the playful side of big corporations. And each year we see a whole host of brands coming out to celebrate the day through…


Partners at the heart of International Women’s Day

  Partnerships are frequently at the heart of key calendar events, from Valentines to Easter to Mothers Day, and very topical right now is International Women’s Day, which is no exception. The ‘Be Bold for Change’ campaign had 12 official…


Rising to the Occasion Through Partnerships

As each nationally iconic day comes around, we see more and more brands coming together to leverage the opportunity to give consumers a new reason to engage with their brand. We saw plenty of Christmas crossovers last year, and as…


‘Appy’ Customers – A First Hand Loyalty Platform Experience

Customer’s expectations of products and services has never been more demanding than in the current market. Offered at a fair price, and using reliable platforms that are user friendly, is just the start of the process. If these customer needs…


Lifetime x Echo Falls Partnership

This month we’re excited to deliver a new partnership with Lifetime and Echo Falls. Lifetime wanted to drive awareness of the channel to a new and relevant audience and to broaden its core audience and engage women aged 25-44 through…


Quest & Jewson partnership – Combat Dealers Cash Giveaway

This January we are excited to deliver our second partnership campaign for TV channel Quest & Jewson. Launching today, the 6 week retail promotion will run across 575 Jewson stores promoting a £10,000 cash giveaway plus tank driving experience runners…


2016 – The Year of Inspiring Shoppers

Shoppers expect, demand, and desire more out of their shopping experience than ever before. Particularly with the rise in eCommerce, ultra convenience and immediate transaction and interaction have become the expected norm. Despite this demand for efficiency, shoppers still want…


Putting Partnerships at the Heart of the Campaign

Why not consider partnerships in that 5% – 10% innovation pot that CMO’s want to dedicate to a brand? Instead of doing the same thing year in year out, by reaching out to new brands in different sectors it opens…


Craft Beer Partnerships – The smart way to tell brand stories

The growth of the craft beer sector over the past few years has been phenomenal. It’s an exciting time for beer lovers, with a new craft brewery opening every 2 days, the nation has more choice of hoppy beverages than…


Rio Olympics: The new world of sponsorships

With the Olympics in full swing, it’s almost impossible to turn on your telly or step out your door without seeing some form of patriotism towards the Games. While for some brands, the extent of the partnership does not stretch…


Five Tech innovations revolutionising partnership marketing

At Mediator we believe that brands are stronger together and that partnerships enable a brand to do something they just couldn’t do on their own. By recognising each brand’s strengths and benefits we have seen some truly innovative collaborations within…


Entering the new loyalty frontier

We recently got asked to share some insight and opinion on the loyalty sector. Something we get asked frequently as a partnership agency that has delivered and developed many partner based loyalty programs over the years. This much debated topic…


A strategic approach to Partnerships

Do you know who exactly you should be partnering with and what it is you should be doing that is going to truly excite your audiences? Over the years, we’ve seen consumer habits and behaviours change along with a huge…


Turbo Charged Partnerships

Partnerships are fast becoming a valuable tool within the marketing mix. We are seeing more and more brands utilising each other’s assets to create something extraordinary.  An area where we’ve seen significant growth in using the discipline is the automotive industry,…


For the Love of Music – Artist Collaborations in the spotlight

Festival season is once again upon us and with it comes a plethora of appearances by the most sought after names in the music business. From the likes of Rhianna , Justin Bieber and Rita Ora to Fetty Wap, Tinie…


Marketing and Innovation Partnerships

A few weeks ago I spoke at the Brand Engagement stage at Marketing Week Live and was asked a very pertinent question which got me thinking…. In fact, I have been thinking a lot (not unusual for me) since my…


The year of Virtual Reality

2016, dubbed as the year that Virtual Reality will move into mainstream, has seen brands get on board with the trend in campaigns, product extensions and experiences of all shapes and sizes. It’s a trend that’s not only making firsts…


Standing out from the crowd – How to innovate your on-pack promotions

Packaging today has to stand out on shelf and encourage consumer interaction. No matter how eye-catching, graphics alone often don’t make the impact needed. On-pack promotions are one of the most widely used form of sales promotion in a retail…


April Fool’s Day 2016 – The Best Partnership Pranks

One of the most powerful functions of partnerships is their ability to appeal to a new audience and change brand perceptions in a way that is credible and authentic. Which is why this year, we’ve seen some fantastic April Fool’s…


Business Partnerships – A problem halved

We talk a lot about partnerships helping brands achieve their marketing objectives, unlike other disciplines, partnerships also have the unique benefit of helping brands achieve their business objectives too. They can offer brands access to channels, products or services they…


Where the heart is……CSR and Partnerships.

What does CSR actually mean? Whilst there are a few definitions most say something along the lines of “Corporate social responsibility is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders”.…


Cutting through the noise – how to truly get your brand in front of your consumer

With the rise of technology, comes a number of new channels  marketers can utilise to reach consumers. Platforms are increasingly able to offer brands completely new ways to engage with their audiences through advertising – with Facebook this week launching…


What Do Women Want? How to target the brand savvy 25-34 Year Olds

With Puma’s recent claim that the ‘future is female’ after reporting record profits from their cool collaboration with Rihanna, the female sassy and savvy consumer is seemingly all the more powerful to brands. But what do women really want and…


Partnerships: Our not so secret love affair

For over 20 years, Mediator has championed Partnership Marketing. Originally a BTL agency, our founder, Craig Newman saw an opportunity to harness brand’s assets – be these, in-store, on-pack, digital or even just access to relevant audience segments. By identifying…


Subscriptions – are we locked in and losing out?

With 75% of people in the UK having at least one direct debit leaving their bank account each month for subscription services, it’s fair to say they have become part of everyday life. With a wide range available from the…


Measuring the value of partnerships

A dark art? or just common sense? ‘Over 80% of respondents believe Partnership Marketing has a high ROI and 86% agree its effective however, with increasing pressure on budgets the key is to measure and prove the ROI’. This was…


What Makes a Good Brand Partnership

In June, we brought together the powerhouses of partnerships in the form of our UK Partnership Panel to help identify what makes a good brand partnership. We all know there needs to be good synergy and relevance but what are…


Brand Partnership Best Practice

We see a lot of partnerships here at Mediator and make a few happen also. We pride ourselves on creating partnerships that mean something to the customer and that can add value back to the client and partner. One of…


What is Partnership Marketing?

Depending on your experience, a partnership can mean lots of things; it could be a contra deal, sponsorship, a licence deal or a mutually beneficial promotion. As one of the first Partnership Marketing agencies, Mediator has delivered a range of…


Making Partnerships Count

When we talk about collaboration we don’t just mean brands co-creating. Bringing teams together and working as an integrated unit is the way to ensure partnerships are truly strategic. Business units that invest in partnerships together have been proven to…


Mumstock: ‘The mother of all events!’

As a mum I was both cynical and excited about attending Mumstock. Brands often show mum tripping over toys, struggling to fill the washing machine and struggling to get the kids out the door. Of course all of this happens, but…


Loyalty Wars: Points vs. Prizes

In recent months I have had a number of conversations around the continued (or not) success of points based rewards systems like Nectar, Boots and Clubcard. These schemes work largely because brands such as Tesco enjoy regular contact with consumers, allowing…


Pushing Partnerships

A popular promotional technique is partnering with celebrities to co-design products for a limited release. An infamous example is Nike’s Red Octobers: Kanye designed the shoes (see below), his celebrity status created huge demand and Nike kept supply to a minimum. The return for…


Cultured Clicks

Buzzfeed disavowed ‘Clickbait’ in 2014, with their Editor-in-Chief pronouncing that it had stopped working as early as 2009. The reason for its failure wasn’t that people hadn’t clicked through (they had in droves). The problem was that after finding out…


50 Shades of Partnerships

During my time working in film I had the fantastic opportunity of working on some of the biggest movies of the time. My role was to put together brand and media partnerships to promote the films’ release and get everyone…


Mobile Is King

We recently visited the IAB’s The Year Ahead event which discussed future trends in digital marketing and the changing world of digital. What became quite apparent was that mobiles are now the dominant device with a predicted 50 billion connected…


Partnership Rewards Hershey’s

Hershey’s made a surprise appearance at this years CES tech expo after they collaborated with manufacturing company 3DS to 3D print chocolate for a “unique… edible experience.” ‘Unique’ is over used in PR, however 3DS came close to validating the claim, noting that…


To Innovate, Marketing Agencies Need to Collaborate

A key role of marketing agencies is to connect brands with their consumers, and 50 years of strong growth in this business model suggests they have been pretty good at it. But recently, marketing agencies efforts have been trumped by…


A little less respect, a little more engagement

Everyone is familiar with Youtube as a video hosting platform. You can watch pretty much anything there. The platform functions in a similar manner to magazines decades ago when their glossy pages respectfully displayed artists’ work. However over time magazine…


The Future of Media: Google x MEC UK

It’s difficult to find time outside of the office routine; however a discussion on The Future of Media from the brains behind MEC and Google was something we couldn’t miss and was definitely worth sharing. The zeitgeist topic at conferences…


Mediator & Music

It’s festival season and brands are flocking to fields across the country to pitch their marketing tents. Some will focus on experiential, some on sponsorship, and others on sampling or content creation and many will just want to enjoy the…


Mediator’s future trend predictions for 2014

In 2013 the world continued to change at a phenomenal pace; new products such as tablets burst into the mainstream virtually overnight, with over 197 million tablets shipped in 2013, a 69% increase on 2012. This rapid rate of growth…



Crowdsourcing has on occasion been a somewhat controversial subject due to the perception that it is brands conspiring to gain free content from their consumers. However at Mediator we view this understanding as incomplete and believe that a crowd sourced event…

Daphne Groeneveld- Versace for H&M Campaign


Marketing Partnerships: Making Creative Connections

Marketing partnerships can often be perceived as simply discounts or third party offers. These are of course part of our marketing artillery but, as an agency that prides itself on creativity, we insist on understanding ‘marketing partnerships’ in their broader…

The Simpsons


Big Night In

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, seasonal campaigns become ever more relevant. Here’s two examples of campaigns that caught our eye…. First up is Tesco’s online movie streaming service Blinkbox, which has been packaged up with…


Customer Loyalty

Loyalty, a pertinent word used extensively by brands and consumers alike but, what does it really mean to be loyal to a brand and how can brands provoke that feeling? At Mediator we devise a variety of loyalty programmes across…


Dairy: How to stand out in a competitive market?

At Mediator we work with a number of brands in the dairy sector and devising innovative and engaging campaigns for them has never been more important. Think back to the last time you were in the refrigerated aisle at a…


Digital Marketing Trends in 2013

2013 is in full swing and we couldn’t help but notice the marketing press was dominated by stories regarding trends and predictions for the upcoming year. With marketing operating in an extremely fast paced environment and new technologies popping up…


Premium Brands Need to Raise Their Game

For some considerable time now, content – whether online or offline – has been widely recognised as king. A modern day marketing strategy is effectively redundant without it, and although social marketing is at the summit of the agenda for…


Mobile Marketing

It only takes a brief glance, either across the street, at a café, bus stop or any other public place to find someone head down looking at their mobile phone. Rewind five or so years and the mobile phone was…


Supporting & Investing in Partnerships

In July, O2 launched Priority Moments, an extension to the network service provider’s existing priority loyalty scheme. Priority Moments is an app that uses geo-location technology to offer their 22 million customers access to exclusive and innovative offers provided by…


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